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Activ8 Body Balance Therapy provides a genuine and keen interest to all our clients needs and goals and specialise in Remedial Massage Therapy.

Activ8 Remedial Massage Therapy
Activ8 Body Balance Therapy

Hi, my name is Tianna, I own and operate Activ8 Body Balance Therapy and I’m your qualified remedial massage therapist. 

I pursued a career in remedial massage therapy because I believe in the holistic benefits of massage on the physical and mental health of my clients.  From a very young age I have always been involved and had a passion and love for sport and fitness, I have a keen interest in health and the ability of the human body.  I am an energetic, physically fit and active person who understands the daily impacts to the body through work and play. 

I am extremely passionate about what I do, I am dedicated to my work and how I can best achieve optimum results and outcomes for my clients.  With a desire to help people and make a difference, I take a genuine and keen interest to my clients needs and goals, so I have a thorough understanding to customise treatments based on their requirements.  I want all my clients to feel a positive impact to their overall health and wellbeing at the end of every treatment.

Working in sports and health industry allows me to combine my desire to serve others and work with people who share my interest in sports, training and physical activities.  My clients are supported by my practical approach to healing and restoring health and wellbeing.

Integrity, honesty and loyalty are key attributes that I value in my personal and professional life. Whether it is a relaxation response to combat workplace stress or rehabilitative to treat pain, dysfunction, discomfort and injury, my clients can rest assure that they will be in good hands.

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Remedial Massage Therapy Services

Integrity, honesty and loyalty are key attributes that I value in my personal and professional life.

Relaxation Swedish Massage

This classic and more delicate style of massage promotes relaxation, overall wellness and is known to decrease muscle tension brought about by stress, ordinary exercises and everyday activities such as sitting at a computer and any actual work that causes discomfort or pain.

This type of massage targets the shallow superficial layers of muscle and spotlights on regions that will in general hold most tension like the neck, back and shoulders.  Swedish massage includes utilising the palms, fingers and forearm combined with techniques such as; soft palpitation, kneading, long flowing strokes, deep circular motions, tapping, rolling of the skin and passive joint movement techniques, to assist in releasing tight muscles, knots and help reduce symptomatic pain. 

Swedish massage is ideal for people who are new to massage and for anyone who is looking to destress, maintain general well-being or just unwind and purely relax. 

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a firm type of massage therapy that focuses on treating and relieving pain, stress and anxiety.  Deep tissue uses movements and stokes that are used in Swedish massage, but with more slower movements and deeper pressure that focuses on the areas of tension.

Deep tissue massage helps loosen knots that have developed from stressed, overloaded muscles and connective tissue to reduce pain.  Deep tissue techniques such as stretching, kneading, stripping and rubbing are used with the palms, fingers, forearm, knuckles and elbows to apply pressure and compression to manipulate the soft tissues and target the deep inner layers of the muscles where there is tension and there are complaints. 

Deep tissue massage promotes general well-being and healing in the body by increasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation.  Deep tissue massage is ideal for people who like to feel “good” pain during massage and who do a lot of physical activity or suffer from headaches, chronic pain, muscle and tendon tension.

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